Our Afyon and Konya Factories continue to serve with 45.000 m² – closed area and state-of-the-art Glass Processing machines.

Our Afyon and Konya warehouse, where we offer plate glass sales service with a wide range of products in a closed area of 8.000 m² , continues to offer fast solutions to the needs of our customers.

In our Afyon and Konya Factory, we provide service with 6 jumbo glass cutting machines with the latest technology.

In our Afyon and Konya Factories, annual production of 1.200.000 m² – double glazing is carried out with our 5 Full automatic heat Insulated Double Glass lines in 6000×3300 dimensions.

In Our Afyon and Konya plants,annualy 1.500.000 m² – Tempered Glass is produced with 4 convectional temper lines in 6000×3210 dimensions.

In our Afyon and Konya Factory, we produce 500.000 m²  Laminated Glass annually with 2 Automatic laminated Glass Lines in 6000×3210 dimensions.