Board Messages

Dear business partners and employees …

Çıraylar Group for more than half a century continues to work to create added value to the economy of Turkey. Our group, taking strength from its deep-rooted past in every sector in which it operates, acts with the aim of exhibiting the ÇIRAYLAR difference, being the pioneer of these sectors and always raising the bar higher. This is the success secret of our Group, which has grown stronger for more than 50 years.

Our group displays sustainable growth in different sectors in which it operates, with a long-term strategic perspective. ÇIRAYLAR CAM, where we produce architectural glass; today, it is progressing rapidly towards becoming a world brand and continues to make us proud with the awards it receives. Having a say in countless projects with the production of approximately 15 million square meters of heat insulated double glass, ÇIRAYLAR GLASS continues to be our source of pride with its successes.

We are realizing our new investments with the same perspective. leader in architectural glass production in Turkey, we are among the world’s leading manufacturers. Our factory, which was established within the body of ÇIRAYLAR GLASS in Afyonkarahisar in 2018 with the latest and most advanced technology infrastructure, has been brought to life with the claim of making a difference in the architectural glass sector and is progressing in this direction. We will continue to exhibit our deep-rooted past with the difference of ÇIRAYLAR in our other investments that we will initiate over the coming years.

Other member of our group is ÇIRAYLAR ALÜMİNYUM METAL; It realizes the sales of products that architectural glass users need by transferring its product knowledge, experience and experience in aluminum profile, composite panel, pvc accessories, pvc support sheet to its customers. We will continue to add new products that are needed by facade systems and pvc joinery applicators every year on this road we set out for smooth and endless customer satisfaction. closely following the changing technology industry Çıray ALUMINUM METAL, who have always rightly takes its place in Turkey and will continue to do so.

As ÇIRAYLAR Group, we work for the satisfaction of our customers, business partners and employees as well as financial growth, and we develop projects that will contribute to our society with social investments. The concept of social citizenship is one of the most important building blocks of our corporate culture.

We would like to thank all of our colleagues, business partners and stakeholders who have contributed to the successful performance of ÇIRAYLAR Group and strengthening its place among the respected and distinguished institutions of our country today.