Quality policy

Çıraylar Quality Policy

Our Quality, Environment and Business Policy

  • As a company that produces double glazing, tempered glass, laminated glass and other glass products;
  • To constantly renew and improve ourselves by closely following technological developments that will affect our product quality,
  • To produce reliable, high quality and environmentally friendly products by complying with legal and regulatory requirements and standards,
  • To be sensitive to and meet the needs and expectations of all our company’s employees, customers and suppliers, and to work with mutual cooperation and trust,
  • To ensure that our company becomes a better company by analyzing quality, environment, health and safety risks, and to create and develop quality, environment and Occupational Health and Safety awareness through training,
  • To protect our natural resources by ensuring production under controlled conditions until the end product with the effective and efficient use of raw materials as a result of technical, economic and commercial evaluations in line with the sustainable development approach, to reduce waste at its source, to improve and encourage recycling, to collect and dispose of it,
  • It is our policy to protect health, safety and environmental integrity by reducing emergency risks that may occur within the framework of quality, occupational health and safety rules.

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